Candle Tool Set

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Not only do these common candle tools extend the life of your candles, they also improve the fragrance and overall burn performance, ensuring that you get the most out of your candle.

Wick trimmer:
This is an essential tool for maintaining your candle wick. Keeping your wicks trimmed properly will help your candles burn fully and last longer. A wick that’s too long will cause excess smoke and soot, it can also cause debris to form at the top of the wick. You should aim to keep your candle wick trimmed after every 4 hours of burn time. An untrimmed wick can also cause the candle to burn too hot, which can affect the fragrance and cause your candle to burn up faster than necessary.

Candle Snuffer:
A candle snuffer is one of the best and effective tools to use to extinguish your candle. Not only does it stop any hot wax from being blown or splashed over your surfaces, it also reduces the smoke produced after extinguishing a flame. Blowing out candles can push the wick down into the wax which can damage the wick when trying to pull it out.

Wick dipper:
As well as being able to extinguish a flame, another benefit of a wick dipper is that it allows you to easily adjust the wick of a candle to centre it and get a better, more even burn and wax pool for the next use. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your candle for every burn.



– Bell Size(L x W):Approx.22.5 x 4 cm / 8.86 x 1.57 inch

– Trimmer Size(L x W):Approx. 18 x 6 cm / 7.09 x 2.36 inch

– Total Length Hook Size: Approx.20 cm / 7.87 inch