Our Story

Inspired by the natural and organic movement, lovers of candles and all things home related, we decided to launch our own brand of home fragrance products.


It all started when we began looking into natural skin-care products. After we saw the massive difference it made on our bodies as well as the environment we wondered how we could take this change further to benefit our everyday lives. As the saying goes change begins at home, so taking this quote quite literally, we thought this would be the best step to take.


Coming from a creative background, we were interested in exploring the different ways we could make our products beautiful and functional. Scent is usually the main concern for candles but design is often forgotten or disregarded (we’ve even had to rip off a label or two as they clashed with our homes’ aesthetic!).


Essentially, we knew that we wanted to make a product that was suitable for the environment but also something beautiful you could display as a design piece. And so, Sorelo was born.